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Intermediate Shoulder Arthroscopy Cadaver Workshop | 18 March 2018, HIMS - Dehradun, India


Dr. Abhay Kulkarni

(Specialist Shoulder Knee Surgeon)

  • MS – Orthopedics
  • M.R.C.S(Edinburgh), UK
  • The IAS Gopalakrishnan Arthroscopy Fellowship
  • International Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery from Samsung Medical Centre, South Korea.
  • Chief Orthopaedic Surgeon with over 15yrs of extensive experience in the field of orthopedic medicine.

Dr. Abhay Kulkarni’s Shoulder Knee Clinic, Pune is based in Aundh Area. Shoulder Knee Clinic is dedicated towards identifying long term scientific and practical solutions for joint related ailments. The primary focus is:

Profound Subject Knowledge, Open Clear Communication with patients, hands on Clinical/Surgical experience, backed with honesty are the qualities that describe Dr. Abhay Kulkarni.



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सौ.मिनाक्षी शहाजी तळेकर

मी सौ.मिनाक्षी शहाजी तळेकर राहणार पिंपरीगाव मला गेली एक ते दीड वर्षापासून उजव्या हाताच्या खांद्याचा फार त्रास होत होता. यावर सर्व प्रकारचे इलाज करून पाहिले परंतु कोणत्याही औषध उपचाराचा काहीच फरक पडत नव्हता. माझी खांदेदुखी इतकी असंवेदनीय होती की, मला त्याचा फार त्रास होवू लागला होता. त्यामुळे माझे कोणत्याही गोष्टीत लक्ष लागत नव्हते तसेच कोणतेही काम करण्यात रस नव्हता. माझ्या उजव्या हाताची इतकी ताकत कमी झाली होती की मला साधा त्या हाताने भरलेला पाण्याचा ग्लास उतलणे देखील सहन होत नव्हते.

एकेदिवशी मी ड़ॉ.अभय कुलकर्णी सर यांना भेटले त्यांनी माझ्या हाताची पुर्ण पाहणी केली. त्यांना मी माझ्या पुर्ण वेदना सांगितल्या त्यावेळी माझ्या हाताची पुर्णपणे हालचाल (वर-खाली) देखील होत नव्हता. तसेच वेदना देखील असह्य होत होत्या. त्यांनी सर्व प्रथम माझ्या वेदनेची संपुर्ण स्थिती लक्षात घेतली व माझ्या हातावर ट्रीटमेंट करण्यास सुरवात केली. त्यांनी माझ्या हाताचा MRI करण्यास सांगितले व त्या नुसार ट्रीटमेंट करण्यास सुरवात केली. त्यांनी माझ्या उजव्या हाताच्या खांद्याला इंजेक्शन दिले. आणि थोड्याच दिवसांत माझ्या हाताची पुर्ण पुणे हालचाल होण्यास सुरवात झाली आणि वेदना देखील 90% कमी झाल्या. मी माझे काम आता पहिल्या सारखे करू लागले.

मी डॉ.अभय कुलकर्णी सरांचे मनापासून आभार मानते की त्यांनी माझ्या उजव्या हाताच्या खांद्याच्या वेदनेपासून मुक्तता केली. पुन्हा एकदा मनापासू आभार.

सौ.मिनाक्षी शहाजी तळेकर

Vasant Joshi

My name Mr. Vasant Joshi , I am a 72 year old retired person. I was suffering from several knee pain since last 10 years .It had started affecting my day to day activities, Pain killers or home remedies, failed to give me any relief. I was suggested to undergo total knee Replacement (T.K.R) surgery. I had lot of apprehensive, before the surgery

1)whether my knee pain will totally be gone after the surgery?
2)A friend of mine-had infections after T.K.R - had to undergoes multiple surgeries. this was playing on my mind.

I met Dr. Abhay kulkarni in Sahyadri Hospital, on recommendation of my Family, Dr. Abhay kulkarni thoroughly examined both my knees. He checked all my medical records advised me to undergoes T.K.R surgery for both knees. I was immensely impressed by the confidence of Dr. Abhay kulkarni. I underwent T.K.R surgeries an 2nd may & 4th may 2017 for knee joint Dr. Kulkarni did a great job. My knee pain was completely cured. All my fears were gone.
I started walking without pain or any support by 3 weeks after the surgery. The physical surgery was very important. At 4 weeks from the surgery , I started climbing up down the stairs without any pain. I can really walk smoothly now! I would like to assure other, waiting for this surgery ,to undergo T.K.R under Dr. Abhay Kulkarni care; without any apprehensive. I whole heartedly thank Dr. Abhay Kulkarni & his entire team for such a successful surgery & perfect result. All arrangement at Sahyadri Hospital were excellent & the staff took great care of me.  Thanks !

Vasant Joshi

Prachi Gondi

On 24th August 2011, I was involved in a two-wheeler accident where as I was falling I heard my knee pop. On first inspection, Dr. Abhay Kulkarni, said that there was no acute injury and he recommended physiotherapy and also a brace to be worn at all times. I was happy that the diagnosis was not as bad as I thought it would be and also that the doctor was advising the least invasive approach. However, after two weeks, there was no improvement in the knee and the MRI revealed a complete tear of the ACL in the right knee.
This is when Dr. Kulkarni recommended that I get the reconstruction surgery done as the knee was very unstable and could end up causing more damage if left untreated. I had my inhibitions about the surgery and about the doctor but I am very happy that we decided to go ahead with the surgery with Dr. Kulkarni. He was very patient in answering all my questions in the pre-op and post-op phase of the surgery. He always took the time out to answer even the smallest questions and was also accessible on the phone. He also reassured me that post rehabilitation I would get back to my yoga and other activities.
On September 24, 2011 I went in for the reconstruction. The surgery itself went off smoothly. I was back home in 3 days. This was the toughest phase of the recovery. However, I followed Dr. Kulkarni’s advice to the “T” and and worked hard on the physiotherapy. Slowly but surely the knee started getting better.
By March, I had started doing Yoga again although at a beginner level. With the help of my yoga teachers, in a matter of a few months, I got back the strength in my knee. As per the doctor’s advice, I continued to do the knee strengthening exercises at home and visiting the physiotherapist once a week.
Finally, in October of 2012, a year after my surgery, I started running. Very slowly at first as I did not want to hurt the knee. On November 30, 2012, I ran my first 5K which felt like such a big achievement given what I had been through over the past one year. I continued to run and to strengthen my knee and I am happy to say that on December 21, 2014 I successfully ran a half marathon in 2hrs and 21 minutes.
On Janurary 18, 2015 I ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2 hours and 22 minutes and ran it again the following year in 2 hours and 12 minutes.
I continue to run and do Yoga. I am now a teacher at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune. My knee is back to normal and I would gladly recommend Dr. Abhay Kulkarni for any of your orthopaedic needs.

Prachi Gondi

अनुराधा जोशी

मागच्या वर्षी ऑगस्ट मध्ये माझे (रोटेटरकफ़) खांद्याचे ओपेशन झाले . त्यापूर्वी कितीतरी दिवस मला उजव्या हातानी काही करता येत नव्हतं .सतत दुखायचा... स्टिफ झाला होता ...बरेच उपचार करून पाहिले पण उपयोग झाला नाही ... शेवटचा उपाय म्हणून डेक्कन सह्याद्रीला शोल्डरचे तज्ञ डॉ.अभय कुलकर्णी याना दाखवले .ओपेशन करणं कसे अनिवार्य  आणि फायदेशीर आहे हे त्यांनी समजावून सांगितले .आपला उजवा हात सतत काम करत असतो त्यामुळे खांद्याच्या फाटलेल्या मसल्स आणखी डॅमेज होतील आणि बरेच मोठे ऑपरेशन करावं लागेल (जर ऑपरेशन लांबवल तर ) साध्य परिस्तितीत लगेच केलं तर दुर्बिणीने ,खांद्याला फक्त चार भोक पाडून ते ओपेशन करणे शक्य आहे .मी ओपेशन ला तयार झाले .ते यशस्वी झालं आणि आज माझा उजवा हात पूर्ववत झालेला आहे .
फक्त दोन दिवस हॉस्पिटल मध्ये राहावं लागलं .नंतर चा दिड महिना हाताची खूप काळजी घावी लागते... .नंतर हळूहळू सोपे व्यायाम... मग फिजिओथेरपि ....साधारण  ३ महिने ...आणि आपला हात पूर्ववत .यात ओपेशन इतकेच महत्व फिजोथेरपीत आहे .ओपेशन उत्तम होऊनही केवळ फिजोथेरपीचा आळस केल्यामुळे किंवा दुखत दुखत म्हणून कौतुक करत बसल्यामुळे बऱ्याच पेशंटची तक्रार असते .आमचं ओपेशन अयशस्वी झालं ...ठपका अर्थात डॉक्टरांवर ठेवला जातो .हे सर्व खरं तर आपल्याच हातात असते .
आता मी माझ्या उजव्या हातानी ,लेखन ,पेन्टिंग , वजन उचलणे ,स्वयंपाकघरातील सगळी काम अगदी सहज करतेय. त्याच श्रेय डॉ. अभय कुलकर्णी यांना आहे.त्यांच्याप्रति कृतज्ञता आणि या प्रकार च्या ऑपरेशनची उपयुक्तता आणि आवश्यकता या दोन्ही गोष्टी अश्याप्रकारच्या धुखण्याने ग्रस्त असलेल्या पेशंटना कळाव्यात म्हणून मी हे मनोगत लिहिलं आहे . हुषार अनुभवी ,तज्ञ आणि पेशेंटकडे आस्थेने बगणारे डॉक्टर मिळाले की आर्धी लढाई जिंकलीच म्हणून समजा ..
तेव्हा हाताच्या सततच्या दुखण्याकडे दुर्लक्ष न करता वेळीच डॉक्टरांचा सल्ला घेऊन वेदनामुक्त होणं केव्हाही चांगलं .माझं वय आज ७३ वर्षाचं आहे .उतार वयात निरामय , स्वावलंबी आयुष्य फार महत्वाचं असत .कवी मंगेश पाडगावकरांच्या म्हणण्याप्रमाणे " कस जगायचं ते आपणच ठरवायच असत
"कण्हत कण्हत की गाणी म्हणत ......."

अनुराधा जोशी , पुणे
१ मे २०१७

Santosh Bhan

You performed TKR surgery for both knees on my mother in Feb 13. She was 81 years then.
While we were quite apprehensive about undertaking the risk because of her age and the feedback that we got from many sources,

your confidence about the outcome was quite comforting and
helped us to take a decision to go ahead with the surgery.

While initial 3 months of post surgery period were quite tough on her and us too,
the positive changes post that period was quite amazing.

It is now almost a year and she now walks very comfortably and
without any support (walking stick, etc) and MOST IMPORTANT without any pain!

This surgery has kind of brought a new lease of life in her and consequently to all of us in the family.
Wanted to put this on record that my mother,
me and all the members of my family sincerely appreciate the interaction that we had with you, pre and post surgery.

Your attitude / behavior throughout was quite endearing and highly appreciated.
Wish you all the very best and many more such successful outcomes.

Mrs. Santosh Bhan
Mother of Mr. Raj Bhan Senior Vice president, National sales head / Reliance Industries Ltd.